ECO Thursday Quiz on Twitter – No 7


Which cellist caused a scene at a 1938 @wigmore_hall concert by quitting the stage saying “I can’t play this thing.”?


@mcconnell:  James Whitehead of the Philharmonic Trio during a performance of a Webern Trio.

@themusicalbrain: Damn – missed our chance at @ECOrchestra’s #ECOThursdayQuiz due to the swift response of @mcconnell.

ECOrchestra Response

Congratulations @mcconnell who’s lightning quick-draw response pipped even @themusicalbrain to the post.  Hmm are we over mixing our metaphors there?

As a member of the Philharmonic Trio James Whitehead walked off the Wigmore Hall stage during a concert after playing only a few bars of Webern’s String Trio, Op. 20, exclaiming “I can’t play this thing – a nightmare – not music at all, but mathematics“.

James Whitehead was an extremely respected cellist and chamber musician in London during the 1930s and 1940s. On 3 May 1944 he participated in a concert at the National Gallery with the ECO’s founder Arnold Goldsborough, piano and Eda Kersey and Olive Zorian, violins. (We understand he stayed in his seat for this one!)

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