ECO Thursday Quiz on Twitter – No 4


Which of these musical instruments is the odd one out? And why?  1. Racket  2. Mirliton  3. Sordun  4. Krummhorn



@guyraybould – Mirliton


ECOrchestra Response:  The ECO applauds the correct answer from @guyraybould as well as his answer that points out a slight error in our Sp! We bow to his observation, are glad he’s paying attention, and have amended appropriately for posterity 🙂

The odd one out is indeed the Mirliton as all the others are a form of early double reed woodwind instruments.

The Mirliton is a form of jew’s harp, also known as flûte eunuque in the 17th century.   The Racket is a double reed woodwind instrument used in late 16th to early 18th century. Also known as a Wurstfagott or sausage bassoon.  The Sordun is another 16th century double reed instrument of the bassoon family. Noted for its muffled tone.  The Krummhorn is a double reed instrument from the middle ages and early renaissance. The body of a Krummhorn is curved and the reed enclosed in a capsule through which the player blows without actually being in direct contact with the reed.


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