Monday, 21 November 2011 -DOHA

Blazing sun again this morning and up bright and early to go to the Katara Opera House and Drama Theatre and get a fix on stage size – I have great difficulty imagining people in a space in terms of ‘okay – will this area fit 90 children and a couple of yaks – or just three quite small dogs?’  

The ECO arrived slightly travel weary at 1.30am and are settled in the Doha Grand Hyatt for a few hours before rehearsals start at 11 this morning.  The Dark Silhouette (see Administrator 1’s profile picture) has arrived and can remind the Ice Queen how to blog on the ECO website.  So the facebook presence will disappear – or possibly not.  It has become clear to me that the ECO’s audience and fans do not use facebook; the only comments the tour blog has had so far have come from my kind daughter and an old friend who, like me, grew up inQatar! Also my cousin 🙂  Come people – let’s have some action on the ECO website from its Followers.

Time to go and have some pancakes with orange blossom syrup, pistachios and natural yoghurt for breakfast.


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