Later on, Sunday 20th November -DOHA

I have just finished preparing some programme notes for the ECO Close Encounters Children’s Concert which will feature the young musicians from Qatar Music Academy sharing the platform with an ECO ensemble, to perform Paul Sherman’s excellent bespoke arrangement of the Rondo from Purcell’s Abdelazer.  Music packed, pencils, rubbers, stick case, triangle, tambourine and other bits, labels for children’s names, files with schedules, laptop with pictures and slightly melting, warm humid brain, all ready to meet Paul and Neyire in the foyer and head off.  The children have written poems which will introduce the animals (pictures on facebook page in reverse order of appearance in score – now I know how to do this I’ll go backwards like an ice-skater next time).  I’m dying to read them.  The lagoon is still a fabulous murky turquoise.  AIQ aka MG (or is it the other way around?)  

Uh oh – hair starting to expand in the humidity!


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