Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – a new journey…

On Tuesday  October 4th, Signore Antonio Vivaldi set sail on one of his lesser known voyages to the Caribbean.  At the helm and onboard his ship were pupils from St Mary’s School, Stansted and their trusty captain, Julia Dowson.  Together with members of the ECO Close Encounters team, they explored Vivaldi’s inspiration for his famour Four Seasons.  The pupils played an arrangement of the first movement of Spring and they created a physical theatre ocean upon which Vivaldi sailed. They encountered pirates and were stranded on a beach with flies and storms from the second movement of Summer, they galloped across the highways in Italy to the sound of the hunt from the third movement of Autumn, and finally arrived back home in Venice to a welcome by the fireside, creating a tableau to the music of the second movement of Winter.

The English Chamber Orchestra will be playing a concert in Stansted
Mountfitchet on Saturday October 15th and it is hoped that some pupils
parents and staff from St Mary’s will be present to enjoy the full performance with all of those images still in their heads!
The workshop was enjoyed by all, not least by the Close Encounters team;
Marilyn Groves – ECO animateur, Chris Bevan – ECO coninuo (including the
pirate songs which we tried to persuade him to include in the ECO concert) and Mina Chivite – violinist.

The workshop was kindly sponsored by Music@Stansted.


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